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Trusted Defense For DUI/DWI Charges

Attorney Danielle Coysh vigorously defends individuals facing DUI/DWI charges at both the misdemeanor and felony level. She is experienced at challenging the evidence in these types of matters and has been successful in securing the most favorable outcome for her clients.

Protecting Your Future

Charges of driving under the influence can have potentially severe and life-lasting consequences. You could face a criminal record, revocation of your driving privileges, probation and fines. And it can result in an extended prison sentence.

There are also personal and financial consequences of a DUI/DWI arrest. A conviction can lead to you paying increased insurance premiums and fees. It may make you ineligible for certain jobs and deprive you of job opportunities. Subsequent convictions can lead to enhanced and severe penalties.

When charged with drunken driving, you require an established and respected lawyer to defend you. Attorney Coysh will fight to achieve the most favorable result. She makes herself accessible every step of the way and provides you a clear understanding of your legal options.

Defending Your Rights

Attorney Coysh understands all facets of a DUI arrest. When retained, she can investigate and challenge the evidence brought forth due to:

  • An improper traffic stop, or the use of on-the-scene field sobriety tests
  • Breath and blood tests that were utilized as evidence to prove alleged blood alcohol levels
  • Evidence of subsequent drinking-related arrests or convictions
  • Expert and eyewitness testimony introduced at trial
  • Testimony designed to malign a person’s character or reputation

Attorney Coysh will examine the circumstances of your arrest and take action to prevent illegally obtained evidence from being admitted to the record. She will protect your rights every step of the proceedings.

Call Today To Protect Your Tomorrow

If you or a loved one face charges for a DUI/DWI offense, call the Law Office of Danielle Coysh, P.L.L.C., at 631-203-4700 today. You can also send Attorney Coysh an email at our Central Islip office.